Weekly media wrap 27 April

Following the death of 800 asylum seekers in the Mediterranean last week, reports surfaced of a ship sent to rescue the asylum seekers accidentally rammed the ship rather than pulling up along side it. Prime Minister Tony Abbott suggested the EU should 'urgently' follow Australia’s turn back policy to avoid future disasters. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that Australia is 'happy to share experiences and information', but pointed out that tactics employed as part of Operation Sovereign Borders might not be effective in the Mediterranean.  

While the government did not comment on ‘on water matters’, the ABC has confirmed that HMAS Choules completed its mission to return a group of 46 asylum seekers to Vietnam as part of a bilateral agreement.

The government began assessing over 30,000 asylum claims under new migration laws the Refugee Council of Australia say are inconsistent with international law.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton described statements from Senator Hanson-Young that he is 'torturing' a five year old girl recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder,  as 'repugnant'.

A human rights lawyer said three Australian born children could be in danger of becoming stateless when they are deported to Malaysia.

The UNHCR has dissociated itself from the Australian government’s plans to send asylum seekers currently on Nauru to Cambodia.