Weekly media round-up No. 17

Doctors on Christmas Island issued a letter of concern, illustrating problems around the medical procedures given to asylum seekers prior to being sent to an offshore facility. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison denied the receipt of the letter, despite claims that it had been with his department for two weeks.

 Scott Morrison proposed a new rule for asylum seekers in the community on bridging visas, stating that they may be sent back to detention for anti-social behaviour relating to disruptions caused by overcrowding in apartments.

 Mr Morrison also decided to overturn the freeze on the granting of protection visas for asylum seekers, after his previous announcement made earlier in December. The move follows an action by refugee lawyers to challenge Morrison's visa cap.

 A report by the Customs and Border Protection Service found that Australian authorities acted appropriately when it took them two days to co-ordinate a search and rescue effort for an asylum seeker boat seen near Christmas Island in June. It is believed that the 60 occupants of this vessel perished at sea.